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Paper cups

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Paper cups

Modern townspeople actively use all the benefits of civilization: internet, different gadgets and services helping save time and of course fast food industry.  Last one meets the needs of modern people in healthy, nutritious and fast food. TM Foodinbox, national producer of disposable paper tableware, offers paper cups – price varies depending on purpose and size of the cups:

- Cups for cold and hot drinks including 1-wall and 2-wall cups, ripped wall cups;

- Soup cups;

- Ice-cream cups;

- Popcorn cups and buckets;

Our cups are produced from high-strength eco cardboard and have super thin PE layer inside to reach low heat conductivity, to save initial taste qualities of the content and to be easily recycled. Paper cups (Kiev) by TM Foodinbox have significant advantages:

- Reasonable price;

- The highest quality;

- Absolute health safety;

- The full range of shape, type and color solutions.

The wholesale orders of cups by TM Foodinbox are available for coffee shops (including to-go units), street food cafes, fast food restaurants – by special price. We offer as well individual printing of logo and symbol of the place – this is the best way to advertise your business among the target audience.

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